Practical Tips linked to Swiss Real Estate

22 Nov 2013 14:10 | Deleted user
In the Lac Léman region, it is considered as a privilege to own a house with a big garden by the lakeside - no doubt about that! In particular, due to the high prices and as residential properties are exceptionally hard to find.

The alternative, renting a residential property, is equally daunting: real estate agencies have long waiting lists, and most foreigners find their first accommodation through relocation services. The constant demand for accommodation far outstrips the supply for both markets.

Are you currently dealig with this topic? Are you looking for some advice on buying property? Do you want to learn more on how to proceed and what to avoid?

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TIP 1: Ask if you can rent the property before you express an interest in buying it. Ask for a quote and for how long you can rent it.

TIP 2: If you are going abroad for more than a year, retain an agency (or real estate management company) to let and maintain your property. Ask them to provide an exhaustive list of all the services they provide, with prices. Note that the management company may ask a commission – up to 10% above the budget – for repairs and other work. Ask for a minimum of three offers from construction companies for any work to be done.

TIP 3: Management fees for rented property vary, but usually they are 5% to 10% of the rental income ......

.... a long list of useful tips to be continued!


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